Friday, October 23, 2009


Well well well
Looks like we are back in the big show. One of the few things that I like about Philly is for sure the phillies and once again it is on. On wednesday after the game the exodus to cityhall happened once again (although a little prematurely since they still have to play the yankees). The Philadelphia police, being aware of the debautchery from last year were ready to rock and roll. The preparation started earlier that day when city workers stopped picking up trash for the day and instead smeared vasoline all over the light posts(last year people were climbing up like monkees). Later in the night when the ruckus was brought to center city the police flaunted their power by making people dump out beers (something that was unheard of last year) and shaking down the drunks. This show of power makes me worried for when we win what the situation will be, I don't want the craziness from last year to be toned down at all. In any case there will be thousands and thousands to control and how many cops are there really? As long as nobody I know gets nightsticked everything will be ok.

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