Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Most UnAmerican statement....Ever


Banning Hamburgers? I think not. Is this really what Americans have come to? This article, aside from being fluffier than cotton candy, does contain some relative thoughts from both sides. However the obvious issue to me is not the fact that burgers should be banned, but that ground beef production is scandalous. Now that I think it over though, the constant necessity for cheap lower shelf ground beef by the hustlers of our gluttony may be the source of this less than adequate beef. The most ridiculous passage in the article is when Anthony Bourdain (of Discovery Channel's No Reservations fame) states that people are made to eat meat because we have fingernails and teeth and that we are made to chase smaller, dumber animals. Unfortunately, the dumbest animal your average American chases is probably the family dog, and those fingernails are mostly used to peel the packaging of prepared food and fast food burgers. I am glad that Bourdain redeemed this opinion by striking the point, he brilliantly says that people eat beef because it tastes great and smells good while being cooked. This is my favorite point from this piece because that really speaks of the essence of American meat consumption; furthurmore it projects a mental movie in smellivision for me. I suddenly remembered in an instant every time my nose has been treated to the aroma of finely cooked beef. I wonder if vegetarians ever come to a crossroads of consumption when faced with this smell which is as American as baseball. Bigger than America, (oh yes I said it) the smell of cooking beef being delicious is a universal truth (aside from India where I suppose it would be seen as sacrilege). Well enough of this I think I'm gonna go grab a hamburgesa con quesa and wash that down with some beef jerky because it's what's for dinner, now and forever.

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