Friday, October 16, 2009

beside myself

Here I sit beside myself wondering what I am actually doing. I mean I see everything that myself is doing but some of these things I do not understand. But then again who does? I watch myself go through a whole days worth of semi interesting interactions with people who are not so interesting. Thank god most of the time I am so wrapped up in what I am thinking about that these semi-personal interactions are playing at a low volume. This may seem rude but I can assure you that the moment something relevant comes up so does the volume. You cannot possibly listen to everything, some things need a reduction of volume. Anyway back to my self watching, it is interesting when you allow yourself to watch your actions and conversations and be critical of yourself, it is actually hilarious. Like just yesterday I had a showdown with a Green Peace "activist" who flagged me down by shouting "Hey Guy", I watched myself tell this lip-ringed tree hugger that it is probably not a good ice breaker to shout "Hey guy" and then proceeded to school him on Public works projects and why I don't need to make a donation. It is dumb really, that I get a kick out of such things but hey its the little things.

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