Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I woke up quick after the second snooze button, 7:55 am. Hop skip to the washroom for a shower, shave and dental hygiene. Slide into the brand new Levis and assemble today's uniform a mix of business casual and busboy slave. Allow me to clear this up I fake the business casual for my internship i.e. white button up; however this is really in order to make the transition to busboy slave at 4 when all of my original thought cease to be relevant and I don my bullshit filter through which none of the spiteful things that the stuffy folks come in say can pass. Such as "Next time don't even come up to my table if someone is holding a fork.", my response "My apologies sir I did not realize that your wife was still enjoying her salad. I did not mean to rush you at all, please excuse me." translation from bus slave to regular vernacular- "Sorry sir I figured that since she has such a horse mouth that she would have been finished by now, I'm not really sorry, but you pay my bills so I am going to act like I am." Now it isn't because I am a rude person that thoughts like this try to sneak out of the side of my mouth when I deal with such people, in fact I am a very polite individual, raised that way I suppose. However, when I am constantly treated as a subordinate by these people it takes its toll on me but in fact when I leave I am purposely overly polite to anyone and everyone. It just doesn't make any sense to me that just because some people have money, they lose all of their manners.

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